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So I'm trying to print out my stupid place cards. Does anyone know how it can be that a computer claims it has a font installed--displays the file in its Fonts folder and everything--and yet still recognizes that font, and prints that font, as Times New Roman? I am restarting Nigel's computer as we speak. Hopefully this will fix the problem.

If not I'll just have to use something Windows-defaulty. Ew.


Jun. 3rd, 2008 03:00 pm
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I just picked up my wedding dress. The bustle is gorgeous, and I love my mom's seamstress friend! You try finding a bridal shop whose alterations department will charge you only $20 for a, like, six-point French bustle. David's Bridal for one would have charged me about $75.

No pictures. You'll have to wait until after the wedding, because I don't want to run the risk of Nigel seeing them.
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1. Get out box of wedding stationery, find thank you notes.
2. Find pen.
3. Realize pen has green ink; look for good pen.
4. Fail to find good pen. Use backup black ballpoint.
5. Begin writing note.
6. Realize note sounds completely stupid; crumple card and throw in box of unused RSVPs.
7. Decide to type draft of note in word processor.

Memo to self: Start with step 7 next time.
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I got more RSVPs today--we're starting to use it as a measure of whether Nigel has got the mail yet or not; he asked me if he had, and I told him I didn't think so because he hadn't yet handed me a stack of tiny envelopes. (In case anyone's wondering why it's Nigel's responsibility to get the mail, some dumbass from one of his classes lives in our apartment complex and told Nigel that he watched me from his window as I was going to and from the mailbox, thought I was hot, and gushed about my long hair. Creepy.)

Anyway, I got my first party of veg*ans today. I'm so excited! Everyone was telling me, don't worry about the veg*ans, they can just eat the salad, which I thought was totally rude. And then people were saying, well how many of them do you have? And I said I didn't know, because while I do know some people of my acquaintance are veg*an, I don't actually have that information about everyone. I'm certainly not going to presume everyone omnivorous until proven otherwise. And I was right about that, because I have known this couple literally since I was born and had no idea they were veg*ans. Which, in fact, for all I know they might not be, they just might not like chicken, like [ profile] aprilmayinjune. So it does pay to give people the option.

Also they wrote in "happily" on the accepts line. And that makes me smile.
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Got seven RSVPs in the mail today. Seven! Whee. Several people can't make it for reasons like "it's my 50th birthday" or "will be on tour with my unit from WWII".

This is the first batch that has come in the mail. Already one of them didn't have any names on it--I'm so glad I assigned them all numbers, which I wrote lightly on the backs of the RSVP cards in pencil. I don't know what I would have done otherwise, it's really an excellent tip.

Also this morning [ profile] aprilmayinjune and I went to the bakery and ordered the cake. It's going to be beautiful, very elegant, chocolate with white buttercream frosting and kind of lacy but not too busy. We ordered more cake than we'll probably need--it will feed 150 people, and I think that already, even if everybody else accepts the invitation, we have fewer than that coming. The vegans of course won't be able to eat the regular wedding cake, because of things like eggs and butter, so I plan to bake a batch of vegan chocolate cupcakes and bring those in. So depending on how many people actually come, we'll probably wind up with a lot of extra cake. I've decided to give it to the catering staff; they'll totally deserve it. They work really hard and they do a really good job.

The cake will be on this stand; the bakery has it, and they don't charge anything to rent it. I think that will be really pretty. I'm not entirely sure yet what kind of topper we're going to use, but I'm sure I'll find something nice.

The whole cake comes in at $225, which is actually $25 less than what I had budgeted. Comes out to $1.50 a slice; that's what the Cakery* was going to charge, but the Cakery was going to tack on a delivery fee and a rental fee for whatever kind of stand or supports we were going to use. Also Vanbrocklin's is a respected family-owned bakery in the area, and I went to high school with these people's kids, so really if I had known they did wedding cakes I would probably have gone with them from the beginning--and we know the Cakery used to use box cake mix whereas this place makes everything from scratch so it will be much tastier. We didn't have to pay a deposit, but we will have to pay the balance before the day--I plugged it into my software as June 7th, just because I'd rather do it earlier than later and we already have a bunch of stuff due on that day. Off the top of my head I believe the photographer and the florist are both due then.

Which reminds me, I have to let the florist know I've lost another bridesmaid. Well, I say "lost"; "kicked out" is more accurate. But that's about $25 less spent on flowers, and between that and the two who have fabulous job opportunities and must of course travel to the ends of the earth and do wonderful career-related things, that makes the $75 we couldn't afford to spend on flowers for the arch, and now we can. I mean, the stuff they've got written down currently covers four more centerpieces than we'd originally ordered based on the extra people we'd invited, but I highly doubt more than 120 people will show up, considering about 60% of the guest list is from out of state. Which! If we only get 80 or 90 people, around what my sister's wedding had, I can funnel centerpiece money into either making my bouquet a little bigger, making the flowers on the arch a little more luxuriant, or adding another rose to each of the remaining centerpieces. Each of the centerpieces by the way is $25. No matter what happens of course it's going to be gorgeous.

You know what, now that I think about it, we probably gained at least another $30 back from the original floral budget when we decided not to invite Nigel's family. Because that's one mother corsage, two grandmother corsages and a boutonniere. I don't know, we'll sit down with her again before the day and after the RSVP deadline and get everything settled. Then there'll be another opportunity a few days before when the guys go to pick up their tuxes, and you know we'll have time to chat because my ass is not letting those men walk out of that floral boutique without trying those tuxes on--I have heard too many stories of trousers six inches too short and two left shoes.

* Normally I would not mention the name of the actual business because I wouldn't want to deal with any possibility of them coming after me for screwing up their business, or something, because I was fully prepared to buy a cake from them and they did do a decent job, but the Cakery closed a while ago so it's not like they'll care.


Aug. 16th, 2007 11:31 pm
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I have picked out my wedding dress. It is on eBay. That's all I can say for now, until I get my debit card set up at my bank so I can pay for it, because I don't want anyone buying it out from under me.

Updates to follow when I've actually bought the thing.


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