Dec. 20th, 2010 06:02 pm
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I posted up a bunch of my fic on AO3. This includes All Dogs Go which is apparently on a lot of SB/RL rec lists but has been missing from the web since the archive it was on went away. I can only hope I managed to post the right version and not one of the earlier drafts.


Nov. 19th, 2010 07:23 pm
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I am trying to write some Asric/Jadaar because there is not enough of it, and also because I hear they're not moving anywhere new in Cata and that is just depressing. I want to get them out of Northrend--the Lich King is dead, they were too chicken/lazy to enter the Tournament anyway, there's no reason for them to stay hanging out there. It's cold, the only shelter is a bunch of tents and the drinks can't be that good.

Where should I send them? Maybe they decide they're fed up of trying to make names for themselves and want to move to fabulous, tropical Stranglethorn, where they open a tiki bar? ("And why the hell should I come with you?" "I need somebody to serve the drinks, you need a job. Who else do you know?" "...god dammit.") Or do they hear there is valuable treasure under the sands of newly-discovered Uldum? Does Asric paint Jadaar red, move them to Silvermoon and try to pass himself off as a really powerful warlock? (No. This does not happen. I hope.) Does he get contacts and pose as a High Elf so they can hang out in Alliance territory? Maybe they dye their hair, change their names and go back to Shattrath, where absolutely nobody believes their bullshit story so they wind up living in a little shack on one of the floating islands in Nagrand. Then they solve the mystery of the murdered fruit vendor and get their old jobs back! Or not. I don't know. Help me out here.

Maybe they open a tiki bar in Booty Bay, where they hear from one of their ambiguously criminal clientele that there is valuable treasure in Uldum, so they go there and fail miserably at impressing the cat people, piss off Harrison Jones, are run out of the zone in disgrace, find themselves evicted from their tiki bar (because goblin landlords don't care if you are on another continent, they want the rent on time)--which is turning a much better profit under the new management--so they pool their remaining resources to dye their hair, change their names and go back to Shattrath. And then they solve the mystery of the murdered fruit vendor and get their old jobs back.

It could work, y/n?

Also at some point along the way they start making out, because that is how I roll.


Jun. 24th, 2009 10:50 pm
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Y'all need to do me a solid, okay? I am hurting, I need some assistance over here. I am in need of some good slash fic, and I'm not finding anything that hits the spot.

I'm talking Smallville fandom in the early days, the peak of H/D during the Three-Year Summer, there's just nothing going on like that anymore. At least not that I can see. And maybe it's that I'm in mostly "finished" fandoms--where all the canon is out--but nothing I'm following has both the energy and the quality of writing that I need.

I know y'all know where the good stuff is. There's a fandom or two somewhere that has what I'm missing. Point me.
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Project Gutenberg has George Manville Fenn's Fix Bay'nets. Last time I checked, they didn't.
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I have a new 'ship.

This just goes to show what a diehard slash fangirl I am, but bear with me.

In World of Warcraft, in Dalaran, there is a sewer, called the Underbelly, and I go there to fish when I have some time to kill because I want to fish up a Giant Sewer Rat, which is a big fuck-off rat that will follow me around, because I need it for an achievement so I can get the title "Salty". And also because I am a vanity pets geek.

So, okay, in the Underbelly there is an inn called Cantrips & Crows, which is on the upper platform of this sort of dock area over the only water that's deep enough to fish. And because everybody else runs to the other end of the dock, I go to the lower platform and then duck under the inn to fish off that end of it, so I don't get my bobber or its little splashing sound confused with other people's.

So, when I'm fishing down there, the inn is over my head, right?

And in the inn there are these two guys, Asric and Jadaar. NPCs.

Asric is a Blood Elf and Jadaar is a Draenei, and somehow the two of them went bankrupt on some business venture that they had and had to flee Shattrath and so now they hide out in the sewers in Dalaran, basically drinking themselves into oblivion.

And they profess to hate each other, but yet they hang out together all day and get drunk. And have witty banter! They play a game where they go back and forth through the alphabet insulting each other with words that start with each letter. Basically there are three or four different little dialogues that they have, over and over, at random. Above my head. While I'm fishing.

And when Jadaar says to Asric, why do I put up with your company, Asric smirks.

He smirks!

So basically I spend my free time fishing in the Dalaran sewers and shouting at my computer screen, "Oh would you two just do it and get it over with!"

Nigel thinks I am insane.

I am probably going to write actual fic for these two, Maude help me.


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