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So I have sorted out what my trouble is with NaNo and has been since 2005.

Well, okay, I'm not entirely sure about 2005, because a large part of that was that November 2005 was the month I met Nigel, and I became preoccupied with the beginning of a relationship and having sex on a regular basis.

But apart from that, my trouble is and has been that, after winning in 2004, I began trying to take NaNo seriously.

This is a fatal mistake.

While it is all well and good that I want to take on these big ambitious projects--the Lilith Davis Chronicles, the Pernfic, YA novels involving half-sirens and/or lesbian separatist werewolves--they are best attempted at other times and at a slower pace.

November is for silliness.

I realized I was taking NaNo far too seriously this year when [ profile] tresca_cho's suggestion to add ninjas and stir seemed like a bad idea. It's NaNo! Of course I should add ninjas!

But, you see, it is the Pernfic, and I have specific goals for the Pernfic, and there are no ninjas on Pern.

I am up my own ass about it this year. That's why it isn't working.

The year I won, I padded my word count with comic relief pirates, gratuitous gay sex, and a song about rum 75% of whose lyrics were "rum". I also set the thing in a fictional world of my own devising, which saved me a lot of research, although my seamanship book was invaluable. This year I can't find my Dragonlover's Guide to Pern, which was a body blow to my writing effort, and I am trying too hard to write the thing in Anne McCaffrey's voice, which is a stupid idea in the first place. Also I am trying to write something actually serious, which never works for me. Possibly all my enormous unfinished projects need to be revamped and made more silly.

The Pernfic will be finished eventually (with added silliness and flirting). It will not happen this month. I am abandoning NaNo this year, on the grounds that I am not in the right headspace for it. Next year I'm going to come back strong with Discworld-meets-Hornblower--and maybe even a ninja or two.
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I know one or two of you are interested in the Pernfic I was talking about all those months ago; this is it.

OMG, Shit!

Oct. 3rd, 2009 02:59 am
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So it's just hit me what it means that it is now October, and why I have been feeling this vague sense of dread all this past week.

Next month is November. I totally do not have my shit together for NaNoWriMo.

I am doing the Pern thing, people! Some of you will remember my plans for the Massively Multifandom Pern AU wherein all the fandom characters are in fact the background characters to the OCs I have created to shake up Fort Weyr's gender roles.

Well, I need to sort out my fandom characters still. I have a lot of them left that I know I want to put in but not how/where. And I need to sort out my plot, or at least get a vague outline together, because if I don't have one I will fail again this year.

And I really want to shake up Fort Weyr's gender roles, so I have to succeed.

So anyway, yeah, that's my task this month is to get myself sorted out on this thing. PLEASE DO NOT LET ME START ACTUALLY WRITING IT BEFORE NOVEMBER.

And for those of you just tuning in, the actual NaNo will reside at [ profile] nanowrimo_wolf (LJ only) as per usual.
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Totally buy peroxide tomorrow. How the hell do you live with someone for two and a half years and not have a bottle of peroxide in the first aid kit. Goddamn heel blister getting infected and harshing my mellow. *grumbles*

Also go to public library, pay fine. Kids, did you know my local public library has the entire Sharpe series? And that I haven't seen it? And that I am totally going to go tomorrow and start checking them all out so I can feel justified to start digging up slash? If you know a viewing order, lay it on me.

Also check again to see if Meijer has those delicious Kashi frozen meals. OMFG the southwest chicken ones. Possibly they have not actually stopped carrying them and were just out.

Also pick up some of that good chicken soup. Can afford it once in a while, apparently.

Also more tortilla chips--why is one bag of chips never sufficient for one jar of salsa, and one jar of salsa never sufficient for two bags of chips? So poss. buy two more bags of chips, one more jar of salsa. Mostly because was planning to consume entire bag of chips myself for lunch/snack one afternoon, looked up from computer to find Nigel halfway through bag with no sign of stopping.

Also buy masking tape, Sharpie to label foodstuffs that I plan to consume myself so they do not magically disappear.

Also do second draft of Warren's parents fic.

Also work on list of dragons, riders for Pern fic. Poss. work on fic as well.
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So I'm still working on the Pern fic that I was talking about a bit ago, and what I'm doing right now is, I'm making a list of all the dragons and riders in the Weyr so that I can just pull a character from the list whenever I need one and not have to come up with one on the spot. Also it's helping me flesh out some subplots because pretty much the entire population of the Weyr, other than the new weyrlings themselves, is made up of characters I have pulled from various fandoms and AU-ified.

Trouble is, I need 121 more people for my list.

And so where you guys come in is, if you have a fandom and/or a character you think I should include, let me know! I won't tell you what I've already done, because I do want to make people guess at this stuff while reading the fic. Except that we did learn last time that the weyrleaders are Mal and Inara, so there's that.

I reserve the right to pair people up however I please, but if there's a pairing you think I should consider, go ahead and suggest it. (Caveat: These people are the extras, not the main characters, so any pairings that happen in the fic will probably just be mentioned in passing, in the sense of "Weyrsinger W'lam and his weyrmate L'zan were enjoying a cup of klah at Dalynna's table when Sollaly approached to ask about her cohort's next chore assignment.") Pairings will be het, slash and femslash, just like in real life.

So, in particular, in addition to just "a bunch of dragonriders", I need 7 wingseconds--all of whom are brownriders, and yes, I know, obviously, other colors can be wingseconds, I have two bronzes and one blue already taken, and I do have one brown wingleader. But so I need 3 other brownriders, 57 blues and 54 greens. As with pairings, I reserve the right to stick anyone I please on any color dragon I please, but if you feel there's a case to be made for a character having a particular color, I'll consider it. I just won't...tell you what I'm doing. I'm sneaky like that. You'll have to figure it out reading the fic.

To confuse you further, some of these people, instead of being fandom characters proper or regular OCs, are OCs from fics I've written in various fandoms. Whee!

But so yeah, if you guys could just, like, list all your fandoms here, that would be great. Don't restrict it to stuff I talk about! You never know what I might have read/seen!

Okay, So

Dec. 12th, 2008 12:32 am
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Some of you may already be aware what an enormous freaking dork I am. I mean, like, seriously, giant, giant dork. And because of my dorkiness, like, as a direct result, I have been reading Anne McCaffrey's Pern books since I was about eleven.

Also because of my dorkiness I have started planning out a super-long fanfic for said books.

cut for dorkiness <small>and fic spoilers</small> )

cut for snippet of possible beginning )

See? Enormous dork.


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