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The press, I mean. Now, maybe this is just the channel Nigel watches (CNN?) but the past couple of days I have repeatedly heard some reporter or other refer to the President as "Mr. Obama".

Longtime readers of this journal will of course already be aware that I am not the biggest fan of President Obama. I think he's a misogynist, I think he cheated to get the nomination, and I don't trust him to care about the things I think are important. But it seems to me that it's not okay for the media to suddenly be all "Mr. Obama" every five minutes--it seems to me the proper way to refer to the President is as "President Obama" or just "the President". That's the professional way to do it, and that's the way the mainstream media always referred to Bush.1 (We heathen liberal blog types called him all sorts of other things, but we aren't the mainstream media and for most of us this isn't our job.)

And if they were doing this during the campaign I didn't see it. They always used his proper title. It was always "Senator Obama".

Is it just me or is this a minimizing thing? Is this a subtle racist thing, kind of like the reporter who was heard to remark, on the eve of the inauguration, that Obama talks a lot about Martin Luther King, Jr., "obviously"?2 Am I full of shit or is it uncool to call the President of the United States "Mr. Obama" on national television as if he's just some guy?3 You call him "Mr. President" when addressing him, "President Obama" or "the President" when speaking of him. Am I wrong?

1. Well, they didn't call him "President Obama", they called him "President Bush". Obviously.
2. No, really. Someone actually said that. And everyone just kept talking as if it wasn't completely racist and totally uncool. (If you don't see the racism, imagine someone saying of a white President-elect that zie "obviously" talks a lot about MLK.)
3. Not that these two things are necessarily mutually exclusive. It's possible that I'm full of shit and it's uncool to call the President "Mr. Obama".


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