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Ganked from [ profile] originalpuck.

Pick your five favorite TV shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions. Don't cheat!

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2. The West Wing
3. Bones
4. Firefly
5. Merlin

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Mar. 2nd, 2009 02:07 am
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Feb. 21st, 2009 05:14 pm
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I am totally kidding, there is more review beneath the cut.

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Is it just me or does Nimueh totally look like Alicia Silverstone if someone dressed her up as LivTyler!Arwen?


Nov. 29th, 2008 04:41 am
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So I actually wrote something for the Merlin kink meme, posted it non-anonymously because I love it liek woah, and am now linking you to it. It's Morgana/Gwen, the prompt was corsets, it's 424 words and I would rate it probably PG-13. It is here. There is a paragraph in the middle that is more garb porn than anything, because as y'all already know I am totally a costume and textile geek. Terribly anachronistic but--have you seen the show?
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If you are able to do so you need to get your hands on a copy of the video diaries from the DVD extras of Merlin Volume 1. This shit rivals the awesome that is the Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition cast commentary.
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The BBC television show Merlin has convinced me to change my position on gun control.

I know this sounds completely insane, but bear with me.

I watched the first episode of this show five days ago and have managed to see most of the subsequent episodes since, by which I do not mean that I have watched most but not all episodes, but rather that I have watched several episodes in their entirety and only parts of a few, because some of the episodes on YouTube are missing pretty sizeable chunks. Not that that has had any effect on my viewing of these episodes because of course if I were downloading episodes on the internet that would be illegal. But then of course that means I haven't seen any episodes at all, because if I had, that would be wrong.

Something that has been a theme of my Merlin-watching, apart from shouting at Arthur and Merlin to Just Snog Already, has been me pacing back and forth across my living room ranting at King Uther--who, being fictional, cannot hear me--that he is being stupid and it is stupid to ban magic just because it can be used to hurt people. Magic is a tool, I reason. If I hit a man in the head with a hammer, I reason, does he then intend to ban hammers on the basis that hammers can be used to harm others? Does he intend to ban swords?

And so this morning I realized. I have been saying for years and years that guns ought to go completely away because they were created for the express purpose of harming living human beings. But. So were swords, and I don't have a problem with swords. Guns make it a lot easier to kill someone than it is with a sword, because you can do it from further away before the other party has a chance to fight you off. But swords and other bladed weapons had that advantage over the previous methods of killing people which tended to be with sticks, stones or your bare hands; if I have a sword and you don't and I'm going to try to kill you, there's not a whole hell of a lot you can do about it, much like if I have a gun and you have a sword.

I don't like guns. I'm not comfortable with them and I'm not sure I ever will be. But I have been saying for the past five days--shouting at my computer, in fact--that if someone is attacking your kingdom, your family, your friends with magic you had better make damn sure you can fight back with magic because what other defense do you have, and the same argument holds true for every weapon that there is. If your attackers have swords, your army had better have some swords; if they are shooting longbows at you, for damn sure your shoulder bows are not going to get the job done. So if I contend that King Uther is being a cock for banning magic in Camelot, then I am a hypocrite if I want guns banned.

You all know I hate war. You know it. You know I hate guns. And Uther hates magic, and I know it is completely ridiculous that I have learned this from a television show as silly as Merlin, but I have learned it and what I have learned is this: I have to be woman enough to get past my own personal hangups about things and see the world we live in and what that means. Uther isn't. I would love it if nobody even wanted to use guns. I would love it if nobody ever wanted to hurt anyone else, ever, ever, but they do, and if someone attacks your home with guns and you have bows and arrows and swords you are fucked, you are dead. I can still wish guns didn't exist, just as I'm sure Uther wishes magic didn't exist, but wishing will not make it so.
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A plot bunny has firmly attached itself to my brain.

I kind of want to write AU Merlin fic set in the real world, in, like, the 5th century CE, I mean sort of, with Merlin still having magic and whatnot but with the actual setting being historically accurate. I am aware that this would require a staggering amount of research. But it would be made of so much awesome. But it would take so much time. But it would be so super cool. But it would take so much time and I am already years behind on my plan for the Lilith Davis Chronicles.

But it haaaaas meeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh. I may be powerless to resist.


Nov. 23rd, 2008 07:20 am
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I have found a way to watch episodes of Merlin on the intarwebs. Unfortunately only the first episode has deigned to work so far! *cries* But I have spent all night reading fanfic and I am not at all sorry, she said at eleven in the goddamn morning. It is so about to be nap time.

But! Anyway, yes. Fanfic. There is super awesome fic in this fandom, you guys! Merlin/Arthur OT-fucking-P. This show wins so hard.

Is it...bad that I have a strange urge to cross it over with Monty Python and the Holy Grail? Is that the sleep deprivation talking? Anyone with me on this? Seriously. Arthur as Arthur and Merlin as Patsy? Spamalot, even, with Arthur singing the song about how all alone he is while Merlin/Patsy stands there right next to him going 'this guy is seriously an enormous douchebag"? Crack!crossover? No?

...yeah, I need to go to bed before my brain starts doing that thing it always does in new fandoms where I want to write a lot of self-insert fic about yanking the characters out of their canon universe and plunking them down on my couch to watch movies that I somehow think they would learn Deep and Important Life Lessons from, usually involving "see, this couple in this movie is just like you guys and by the end of the movie they are totally doing it like bunnies".


And on a related note, it's King Giles! There need to be Buffy crossovers with this fandom, I am not even kidding.


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