Dec. 20th, 2010 06:02 pm
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I posted up a bunch of my fic on AO3. This includes All Dogs Go which is apparently on a lot of SB/RL rec lists but has been missing from the web since the archive it was on went away. I can only hope I managed to post the right version and not one of the earlier drafts.


Apr. 25th, 2010 10:47 pm
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Okay so I was trying to catch up to R/S fandom because, you know, the Puppies were in fact my first HP ship, and so I have been perusing reclists, and it turns out "All Dogs Go" is, like, ON SOME OF THEM. But! I can't remember where the hell I posted it and Azkaban's Lair is down. So I am going to post it here so the internets can has it again. After I figure out which folder it's saved in.


Mar. 17th, 2010 02:02 pm
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(I'm on my lunch break, okay? Anyway I had to post this right away, I don't want to forget it.)

No fucking wonder the Slytherins wound up so dysfunctional. The dungeons were absolutely the wrong environment. You don't put reptiles in a cold, dark, damp place!
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(At long last. Heh.)

For years, years, I have taken shit about this, either for identifying as Slytherin when I work for social justice, or for working for social justice when I identify as Slytherin. (The first being, how can you call yourself a Slytherin when you do X, Y and Z that we, the ignorant masses, perceive as Hufflepuff; and the second, how can you want to right social wrongs, you're a Slytherin!)

Well, these misconceptions arise from a fundamental misunderstanding of what Slytherin is actually about. People hear "any means to achieve their ends" and go OMG EVIL. No. No, no, no.

Thing is, being willing to do whatever's necessary to get done what you want to get done? That's just persistence. That's just refusal to give up until you have exhausted all the options.

What makes it evil is if your ends are evil. Yes, for reals.

No, I am not justifying doing evil things in the service of good. People who do that have lost sight of what their ends actually are, because doing evil in the service of good actually fails to accomplish the good, um, hello, because it's EVIL. Or, if they haven't lost sight of what their ends are, they are mistaken about what "good" is. They think they're trying to accomplish something good, but their "good" is actually evil.

But the point is: the Slytherin thing to do is to make sure the playing field is level, everyone has what they need to survive, and everyone can do whatever it is they love to do best. Why? Simple: Slytherins know you have to use all your resources.

We, as a society? We are not using all our resources.

Take me for example. I am fucking smart. I think critically about everything, I solve problems in new and innovative ways, I retain information extremely well and I pick up new skills ridiculously quickly. I do not have a job. I spend my days sitting in front of my computer, reading fanfic, playing video games and knitting things for myself. Our society is not using me to my full potential.

There are a lot of people out there like me. In fact, I would venture to say, everyone who is not already employed in a field zie feels passionate about and is doing cool and innovative things in? Is being underutilized.

There are three basic human resources our society is vastly underutilizing because of institutionalized bigotry, and those are talent, passion and imagination. And shit, with those three things we can do anything.

We are not doing it.

Instead our society is structured in such a way that the vast majority of people are employed in fields they hate, because various institutionalized bigotries (including but by no means limited to classism, racism, sexism, ablism and homophobia) have made it so that that's what you have to do to survive. You have to do work that does not inspire you, and when you are not inspired, guess what, you don't do your best work.

When people talk about Congress needing to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell so the military can keep qualified people to do necessary jobs--that's a Slytherin argument.

And this shit cuts both ways, too! So that you have doctors and lawyers who don't really like their work, but they do it, because their own internalized classism means they don't want to be poor, and poor people who really do want to do that work but can't because they don't have the resources to get the education. Meanwhile, lots of truly necessary work is undervalued--and I don't just mean stuff like teaching and childcare, although they totally count; I'm talking about the people who sew our clothing being paid orders of magnitude less than the minimum-wage retail clerks who take it out of a box and hand it to us. And I'm talking about art, and music, and stories, things that make our lives worth living but that we only really reward if you can get famous making them.

Human beings and human society have the potential to do, explore, create extraordinary things, but we are not using our available resources, and the resources are us. That is why Slytherin means caring about social justice. Slytherins do not look at the way things are and say "eh, that's good enough". Slytherins reach for something more. That is what ambition is. Not just personal ambition--although we have that too--but the ambition for our society to reach greater heights so that we, in turn, can reach greater heights as individuals.

I cannot reach my full potential unless society reaches its full potential, and nor can anyone else.

We have to use every tool at our disposal. It's foolish not to. It's foolish to rule out the potential contributions of billions of talented, passionate, imaginative people because of petty irrelevancies like their sex, race or disabilities, or because they don't happen to come from a family who has already achieved a certain level of financial success.

Some of you may have heard me blathering on in the past about the majority of Slytherins and traditionally Slytherin families during Harry's time at Hogwarts, well, sucking at being Slytherin. This is what I'm talking about. By looking down on the Muggle-born and lower-class members of their community, they leave half their tools in the box for no reason but foolish pride, and I disparage them accordingly. If you spend your whole life thinking screwdrivers are better than hammers, and suddenly you're faced with a nail, you're not going to get anywhere.

Gryffindors will talk to you about right and wrong and what is and is not okay to do to other people, and they have a point; they're not wrong; that stuff matters. But a Slytherin knows that even if you didn't care about any of that, you'd still have to work for social justice, because we cannot build anything if we leave half our tools in the box.


Dec. 2nd, 2009 10:50 pm
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Okay, so, my sister is on Facebook now. I discovered this yesterday when she friended me.

Crisis averted: I set her permissions so that she will still know basically nothing about my day to day life or my presence on the internets.

However. Today I went and uploaded a bunch of pictures from the past, um, four years, including the time a bunch of my friends and I went to see the midnight showing of GoF, and I wore my crappy half-assed thrown-together Slytherin partial uniform.

My sister describes herself as "disgruntled" that I am in Slytherin. She is a Gryffindor (uh duh), and professes to dislike Slytherins (uh duh).

This is unsurprising. Of course she is a Gryffindor: like Gryffindors, she does stupid things in the guise of bravery, and thinks everyone else is (and should be) just like her. Of course she dislikes Slytherins: she is far too shallow to read the books on any level other than a superficial one, and she takes Harry's word for everything.

I have been in Slytherin far longer than she has even been interested in the books. I still remember telling her she should give the movies a shot and her saying there was no point because they were obviously stupid.

Then, apparently, she watched CoS on TV one afternoon, and the rest was history.

We are Potterfandom of Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

But so I told her: I don't know what to tell you, I'm in Slytherin. I'm sneaky. I want what I want and will not settle for less. I would have been in Ravenclaw, except I'm only willing to study when I find it useful or it amuses me. I would have been in Hufflepuff, except I'm not friendly for the sake of being friendly but because you can never have too many allies on side. I would have been in Gryffindor, except I stand up for the helpless (someone has to speak for them as has no voices) not because it's the "right" thing to do but because one of my ambitions is to make the world a better place.

I look at it like this.

Gryffindor's greatest strength is their unwillingness to back down in the face of danger.

Hufflepuff's greatest strength is their tendency to band together and work their asses off for something they care about.

Ravenclaw's greatest strength is their propensity to research the hell out of every problem and find the most effective solution.

Slytherin's greatest strength is our ability to determine when to use the tactics of each of the other three houses, and when not to. There are times when you need to back down so you can live to fight another day. There are times when hard work will get you nowhere and is just a waste of energy. And there are times when the solution to your problem cannot be found in any book. That's when you need a Slytherin on your side to creatively manipulate the truth, spin the PR, employ Headology on the enemy, kill them with kindness or, if all else fails, cheat like hell.

Whatever works. That's what it comes down to. That's what Slytherin means. Does it work? No? Waste of time.


Dec. 2nd, 2009 02:12 am
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Leading hand sanitizers claim they can kill 99.9% of all germs. Neville Longbottom can kill 100% of whatever the fuck he wants.
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A friend of mine refused to read the Harry Potter books because she had flipped the channels to the first movie when it was on TV and determined in about ten seconds that the whole thing was just a big ripoff of Discworld.

The part she had seen was Harry opening the book in the Restricted Section at night and the book screaming.

I should have taken the time to explain the difference to her: in Discworld, magical books are alive, will eat unwary students and need to be chained to the shelves. In Harry Potter, the books in the Restricted Section of the school library scream when a student opens them without permission. Only the Monster Book of Monsters is anything like the magical books of Discworld, and it is much less dangerous, as it can be stroked into submission.

In any case it doesn't much matter: the idea of books of magic having a life of their own, in one way or another, is certainly not Discworld-exclusive. In one of the Care Bears movies, the magic book is the villain.
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I have just discovered this excellent work of HP gen fanfic by Thanfiction entitled Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness. It is absolutely amazing and chronicles the offscreen badassery in which we never got to see the DA engaging in Deathly Hallows. It is Neville-centric and made of utter win.

I keep saying to myself, reading it, that this is the book I wanted to read. I'm only up to chapter 8. I have no doubt it will continue to be just as awesome right up until the end.

I am going to talk about the awesome but I don't want to spoil anyone for the fic (BECAUSE I EXPECT YOU ALL TO READ IT IT IS AMAZING), so I'm going to talk about it under the cut. )

Anyway, this fic? This fic has got me on the delicious emotional rollercoaster, has got me feeling that same sense of adrenaline-fueled suspense, has got me throwing my hands up in joy and squeeing and covering my mouth and my eyes welling up and nodding helplessly because it's so perfect because yes that's what happens of course of course just like my early experience with the books, during the three-year summer when I devoured one through four in a week (Goblet of Fire in thirty-six hours not stopping to sleep and then straight to work in a daze feeling like I was high it was the best summer ever).

This is the book Deathly Hallows should have been.

Oh, all right, it isn't everything, it doesn't give us anything of Harry's story (because we know it already), but if we had got this in between the important parts of the camping, it would have been perfect.

An unprecedented seven out of four pawprints. Read it now.
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Here are a couple of mini-rants about two of my HP fandom pet peeves.

The timeline. People, jesus fuck, get the timeline right. It's not difficult. I remember someone once said that she didn't know the timeline but that in her defense she had never paid any attention to any interviews or Rowling's website. Kids, it's in the second book. Halloween, Chamber of Secrets--it's Nearly Headless Nick's deathday party. His 500th. He died in 1492. That makes it October 1992. That means the series proper spans from 1991 to 1998, with the epilogue (19 years later) set in 2017.

In a related story, put people in the right years. If you're going to write fic set in '99 with a bunch of people from Harry's year back again, fine, but Luna is not going to be in 6th year still, and Neville is probably not going to come back seeing as he was at school in '97/'98. Just for example.

The words of a spell and the name for that spell are not necessarily the same thing. What you often refer to as Avada Kedavra is in fact called the Killing Curse; similarly, Crucio is the Cruciatus Curse. I simplify that and just call it Cruciatus, usually. These are by no means the only examples. Accio is a Summoning Charm, for instance.

It would be stupid to name most spells the same thing as the words used to cast them. It would cause all sorts of trouble.
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I just saw an icon with the caption "MERLIN'S PANTS!" with a picture of...a pair of trousers.

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Y'all, I'm going to start designing some knitting patterns. I've got the first couple sort of figured out; first will be the pattern for a Harry Potter film-inspired scarf in fingering weight, based on what I've been able to figure out by zooming in stills until I could estimate actual gauge, and that'll be available for free as soon as I finish knitting mine. After that I'm going to be working on the Hogwarts uniform cardigans and possibly also pullovers, also in fingering weight, to fit chest sizes 22"-64" or possibly even bigger. So everyone from teeny toddlers to fat adults can wear them. The bigger sizes are going to make it take a while, because the sizing information I have only goes up to about a 48" chest size, which is obviously bullshit because real human beings come in sizes much larger than that. But I'm going to split that pattern up into three size ranges, all of which will be available to anyone who pays whatever fee I determine the thing is worth (as in, you pay for it once, you get to download all three files or any single file or any combination of the three; mainly I'm splitting it up so there isn't an enormous string of numbers anytime the pattern tells you to do something, which would be nothing but confusing as you had to count across to the seventeenth one, or whatever, each time). Which is where those of you who knit come in.

How much would you pay for a film-accurate fingering weight Hogwarts jumper pattern in the size range described? How much should I charge for it?
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Okay, I have a couple different things--and I do mean vastly different things--to talk about and so I'm sticking them under separate cuts, so people who don't care about the one can just read the other, and vice versa.

Bring HBP Back! )

bra stuff )
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When James Potter hung Severus Snape upside down in thin air, causing his robes to fall down around his ears, and threatened to remove his greying underpants, that was not standard "harmless" bullying. That was attempted sexual assault, possibly even sexual assault full stop.


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