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So the phone rings, right, and it comes up as 000-000-0000 Name Unavailable.1 So I do what I usually do when bill collectors call2: I pick up and hold the phone in my hand for a minute waiting until someone starts talking to hang up. But I hear the name "Senator Carl Levin" and I'm like--oh no, I want to take this call.

Because Senator Levin is fucking awesome, even when he is only a recorded message.

Senator Levin has helpfully told me which candidates he endorses for the Michigan Supreme Court! This is useful and relevant to my interests. Because I listen primarily to country music on the radio3 and watch very little TV, the vast majority of the political ads to which I'm exposed are conservative. This means I now have to do slightly less research this weekend to sort out my voting plans--I'll still check out the candidates in this particular race but now I have a little bit of context. Because you would be surprised how good the conservatives around here can make themselves sound if you're not paying close attention.

So thanks again, Senator Levin, for helping me figure out how I'm voting and also for being completely fucking awesome.

1. Now, personally, I would like there to be some kind of a law stating that unless you're a private citizen, you have to allow Caller ID to identify you accurately.
2. Because we don't have the money to pay them; I'd like to try to formulate payment plans with them and at least make an effort to cooperate so they don't totally screw us, but it's Nigel's student loan debt and he won't do it.
3. On the off chance that once or twice an hour they might play a female artist. I like a lot of female country artists and even a few of the male ones.


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