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Mattress Discounters Veteran's Day Sale Commercial

So let me get this straight, okay? Let me work this out in my mind.

We send some people to war to fight for what the people in charge call "our freedoms". Now, sometimes what they're fighting for is a worthy cause, and sometimes it isn't, but it's always a hard, terrible, evil and painful thing for people to have to go through, is war. And the veterans who make it home (as we all know, not all of them do) get treated like absolute shit when they get back. Large numbers of them are homeless and will die in the streets. Those who do have somewhere to go, many of them, still have all kinds of problems, such as trying to get decent treatment for physical and mental disabilities we caused by sending them to war in the first place but that we don't want to acknowledge because it upsets our perfect little postcard image of the War Hero and makes it tough for us to sleep at night. We're living in a culture that will spend billions of dollars on weapons but can't seem to get it together on a little bit of goddamn human compassion for the people who use them.

But oh holy fuck, we are so goddamn supportive of our troops in this country, we love our veterans so goddamn much that we set aside a day to "honor" their service and their sacrifice, and what does that mean exactly?

It means everybody and their dog can use this "holiday" as an excuse to try to sell more merchandise. Can there be anything more manifestly offensive than the Veteran's Day Sale?

I fucking wish I could have found the Art Van commercial, I think it was, wherein they assured me that veterans and their families get an extra discount--they will pay your sales tax. Whoop-dee-fucking-do. Hey, [ profile] ginmar, I bet it makes you feel just all warm and fuzzy and good inside that you can buy a new couch slightly cheaper than the general population. I bet that shit totally makes up for all the problems you have had with the VA! Everything is peachy keen now, huh?
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