Mar. 25th, 2012


Mar. 25th, 2012 04:56 am
slythwolf: (Giggles)
Guys I'm having a Pandaren existential crisis.

I've had the name Tophbeifong reserved on my server for months for my female Pandaren monk. The trouble is, now that I've seen the model with the long tail1, I can't get Ty Lee out of my head.

I'm compulsively drawing pictures of red Pandaren women in acrobatic poses with cheerful, mischievous expressions and long braids.

And I keep telling myself, it'll be okay, I'll have another character slot when the xpac goes live, I can roll them both, but then I start worrying someone else will get Tylee as a name before I can. And so I think, what other character can I delete to make room to reserve the name, and I don't know and just ugh what do I do.

Intellectually I know I am not going to level two Alliance monks. I'm just not. I need to get over it, really. As much as I love Tophgod (because who doesn't) I am not going to play her. I need to delete her placeholder and make one for Ty Lee and get over myself. The longer I dither, the greater the chance someone else will have the name on my server.

1. People keep saying the red females are the only Pandaren with tails, and this is simply not the case. All Pandaren have tails. The black-and-whites simply have the little teeny round short tails.


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