Feb. 3rd, 2009

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The press, I mean. Now, maybe this is just the channel Nigel watches (CNN?) but the past couple of days I have repeatedly heard some reporter or other refer to the President as "Mr. Obama".

Longtime readers of this journal will of course already be aware that I am not the biggest fan of President Obama. I think he's a misogynist, I think he cheated to get the nomination, and I don't trust him to care about the things I think are important. But it seems to me that it's not okay for the media to suddenly be all "Mr. Obama" every five minutes--it seems to me the proper way to refer to the President is as "President Obama" or just "the President". That's the professional way to do it, and that's the way the mainstream media always referred to Bush.1 (We heathen liberal blog types called him all sorts of other things, but we aren't the mainstream media and for most of us this isn't our job.)

And if they were doing this during the campaign I didn't see it. They always used his proper title. It was always "Senator Obama".

Is it just me or is this a minimizing thing? Is this a subtle racist thing, kind of like the reporter who was heard to remark, on the eve of the inauguration, that Obama talks a lot about Martin Luther King, Jr., "obviously"?2 Am I full of shit or is it uncool to call the President of the United States "Mr. Obama" on national television as if he's just some guy?3 You call him "Mr. President" when addressing him, "President Obama" or "the President" when speaking of him. Am I wrong?

1. Well, they didn't call him "President Obama", they called him "President Bush". Obviously.
2. No, really. Someone actually said that. And everyone just kept talking as if it wasn't completely racist and totally uncool. (If you don't see the racism, imagine someone saying of a white President-elect that zie "obviously" talks a lot about MLK.)
3. Not that these two things are necessarily mutually exclusive. It's possible that I'm full of shit and it's uncool to call the President "Mr. Obama".
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(I actually wrote this last Tuesday and then forgot to post it on Sunday.)

I'm serious, you guys, it is freaking magic.

On Tuesday evening I listened to a live podcast at addclasses.com1, during which I pulled up Spider Solitaire so I could busy myself with something and not just try to listen and do nothing else, because that is always a recipe for disaster and for me not hearing a word of what I'm listening to.

Spider Solitaire is hard, y'all. It's fun, but it's hard. And I play on the easy setting!

I used to play it all the time, but I hadn't been for, like, two or three years; I go back and forth between it and regular solitaire, because I can't play both games--I mean, not at the same time, obviously, because I only have one mouse, but I can't be playing the one and then the other back and forth all the time or I will confuse myself as to where I'm supposed to be putting things and what's supposed to happen. Mostly what happens is I accidentally try to put the same colors--or even the same suits--on each other in regular solitaire, instead of alternating colors like it's supposed to be. And then I just get all turned around. So I had been playing regular solitaire exclusively for two or three years.

But regular solitaire has that annoying ding sound it makes when it finishes its little bouncy display after you win. Which interferes with you hearing the people talking on the webcast you're trying to listen to, and that was absolutely the opposite of what I wanted. In Spider you can turn the sound effects off. So I did that, fully expecting to suck out loud because A) I hadn't played it in years and B) hello, listening to people telling me stuff and also occasionally taking notes.

Imagine my surprise when I started winning 9 out of 10 games. Seriously! And I thought, damn, how is it that my brain can be listening to and processing and understanding what these women are saying to me, and making further associations with that (stay tuned next week when I talk about what I learned from the podcast), and writing down little things about it for later, and at the same time making decisions about putting these cards on top of each other in such a way as to win the damn game? This, I thought, is clearly magic.

ADHD is magic. My brain is magic. Sure, there are scientific explanations for all this stuff, but as far as I know, science doesn't fully understand it yet--and anyway, it doesn't stop being magic once you know how it's done.

1. See Day 0 of the Ritalin SR Diary.


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