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I made the dean's list this spring.
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Okay, kids! To get an Associate of Arts, I have to take 20 more credits, and my plan (we'll see how well it works out) is to take 10 in the fall and 10 in the spring. To meet the required number of credits to graduate, I only need 18 more, but I have to fulfill specific degree requirements.

The stuff I plan to take is:

- COMM 101 Interpersonal Communication
- HIST 151 Early Western World
- HIST 201 Global History to 1500
- either PEC 152 Weight Training or PEC 161 Yoga/Pilates Fusion (I have to take a "healthy living" class)
- ASTR 104 Introductory Astronomy
- HUMA 150 Encounter With the Arts
- MUSI 211 Music Appreciation

Apparently my eight credits of choir, which did transfer, do not count as eight credits of "creativity electives". Also, some of this stuff has honors versions, and I might be able to get into those.

After I do this stuff, I'll transfer to Western in the fall of 2012 and spend four semesters taking nothing but anthro and Latin. Then I will have a bachelor's in anthropology with a Latin minor, and then I will apply to Ph.D. programs like a mad thing.

My anthro prof this semester also teaches at MSU--I may have mentioned this--and he thinks I'm awesome and wants me to keep in touch, and also he will write one recommendation letter for anyone who gets at least a B in his class. Since I'm pretty sure I've got, like, 99.5% in the class, that won't be a problem.

Also I'm kind of hoping I can get into the Ph.D. program at MSU, since Nigel will probably get this electrician apprenticeship thing and he'll still be in the middle of it when I finish my bachelor's. I'll go somewhere else if that's where I get the best funding package, but I won't be able to bring him with me. And I'm hoping my current (or, I guess, just-now-former) prof will be the kind of connection that helps me get into that program.

Nigel does not understand the concept of graduate funding. I keep trying to explain it to him. If I do it right, they will pay for my tuition and they will pay me a stipend to live on while I study. It will not be something we have to take a financial hit for because I "could have been working". It will be my job.

Then I will be Dr. Slythwolf and he will probably still be bitching about how I should have just gone to nursing school because JOBS. 9_9

But hey! I'm done with my first semester back in school! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


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