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So there I am heading down the hair care aisle and there are these two white women, about college aged, sitting sprawled across most of the width of the aisle to look at the dye boxes on the bottom shelf. And there are these two black women with a cart trying to pick their way through without, you know, running over the white women. And the white women are totally oblivious "ooh look at THIS one" la-di-da.

And then I get up to where they are and they're all like "OMG we must be in the WAY we are SO sorry how INCONSIDERATE of us".

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Frederic Fekkai opines that "a great hairstyle starts with a great texture of hair" and then the commercial goes on to show us a bunch of white women with straight hair.

Now, I am a white woman with straight hair myself, so I can't say I am left out of this particular group. But most women in the world are not white women with straight hair. Many women right here in America have to dose their hair with all kinds of harmful chemicals to get it to even approximate my hair's texture. And it's still obvious that that ain't white-lady hair.

God forbid that women of color ever receive the message that their hair's natural texture is or can be "great".
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- people are calling Kate out on stuff others of us have said and holding her responsible for it even though it wasn’t her that said it

- so many fucking white people invested in making sure we can all agree that the act of taking a Funny Hitler photo is not as racist as blah blee bloo, and if I have to say to myself, what does this remind me of, to be perfectly honest the first thing to come to my mind is the reaction of the male progressive blogosphere to the picture of some Obama staffer groping the cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton and miming forcing beer down her throat, because we all know if a White Dude didn’t mean it That Way then everything is fine and dandy

- somehow saying “I find it really fucking odd that someone wouldn’t say anything about it if they didn’t already know their partner was like this” is the same as saying “Sandra Bullock owes us all an explanation and if she doesn’t give us one she is no better than her husband”, except that those two things are in fact not the same at all

- white people’s handwaving about what is and is not racism, and what is and is not as bad as what else, is just so much “pay no attention to the oppression behind the curtain”; let’s all re-focus our attention off of racism and back onto what white people think about racism and the hierarchy of where you fall on “I’m not a bad person really” instead of owning our shit and trying to change something for fuck’s sake

- people being perfectly willing to speculate, based on evidence that he probably thinks Nazis are awesome, that Jesse James is an abusive partner, but it is just beyond the pale to speculate that Sandra Bullock may have been aware of, and in fact may have condoned, the Nazi shit

- the implication all over the goddamn place like the elephant in the middle of the living room that we all tiptoe around that Sandra Bullock’s lack of male privilege erases her white privilege, that somehow we as a society should not expect her to speak out against bigotry whenever she has the opportunity because she is a woman–yes there is a sexist history of assuming that women share their husbands’ politics, but this is coming from a different place than that, I can’t say it right I’m sure because it’s three o’clock in the goddamn morning but the thing is, I expect white people to speak up against this shit when given the chance because it is not people of color’s job to end racism, they didn’t start the shit, it’s on us to do it, and yes, to be perfectly fucking clear, if a white person is handed on a silver platter (or a silver-plated shit platter, let’s be honest, if you are a decent person finding out you’re married to someone who thinks Nazis are awesome is not going to be a pleasant experience) the opportunity to speak out against racism and doesn’t take it, you bet your ass I start to wonder why

- my pasty white ass saying the same thing people of color have said a million fucking different ways gives white people epiphanies
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I have in the past done and said and thought racist things, many of which I have realized were racist after the fact, some of which I may realize were racist in the future, and some of which I may never notice. I will most likely do and say and think more racist things in the future.

My white privilege keeps me ignorant of what is and is not racism. My white privilege will always be with me.

I have tried, am trying, will try to reduce my racism. I have tried, am trying, will try to educate myself and escape my ignorance. To whatever extent I succeed, whatever ignorance and racism remains will always be my own fault. It is my and every white person's responsibility to learn and to eliminate racism. It is not the responsibility of people of color to educate me or hold my hand.

From now on, I intend to follow these rules:

1. If a person of color experiences something as racist, it is racist. I will take hir word for it and try to understand hir experience. It is not my place as a white person to decide what is and is not racism.

2. If a person of color expresses that something I have done or said or thought was racist, I will take hir word for it, and I will do the best I can to learn from the experience. I will remind myself that I should be grateful to people of color when they choose to educate me about racism, since they are then choosing to spend their free time helping me with work that is my responsibility alone.

3. I will remind myself to educate other white people about racism when it is physically and financially safe for me to do so. I will remind myself that my personal fears of social ostracism are insignificant compared to the damage racism does to the lives of people of color. I will not keep my mouth shut in order to appease and remain friends with unrepentant racists.

4. When I learn that I have said or done something racist, if it is at all possible, I will make a sincere apology to the person or people of color my words or actions have affected. I will remind myself that my embarrassment is irrelevant to the situation.
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Over in the comments to Violet's post about this high school dance gang rape (otherwise known as "it's shocking how fucking shocked I'm not that this happened"), I am in a bit of a disagreement with someone called Grace.

Grace opines:

Perhaps the best comparison to pwople’s reactions toward rape in the form of the victim “brought it upon herself,” is the case of of a racially motivated hate crime. Nobody would ever say that a 15 y/o black young man brought it on himself after being attacked and hit with a baseball bat by a mob in a predominantly white neighborhood.

To which I respond:

Oh, bullshit. Lots of people would say it. He should have known better than to come into “our” neighborhood, etc.

Grace informs me that it's okay to disagree with hir "point of view", but that I can't actually call what zie says bullshit. Well, Grace, I know the stink of bullshit when I smell it.

What world is this person living in? What white-liberal-privileged enclave does zie think is all there is?

The media probably wouldn't say he brought it on himself, but you bet your ass the people in that neighborhood, and other ones like it all across the country, would be saying it. That's what he gets, they'd say. Should have stayed where he belonged, should go back where he came from. That is how racist white people talk. My own grandmother-in-law says things like, "You know, it's called the White House for a reason." White people definitely do believe there are places black people should not go; there are differing levels of violence with which they believe this ought to be policed.

What I can't figure out is--is this person invoking No True Scotsman fallacy? No "real" people would say this? Because they would. More people would say, "Well, I'm not condoning what happened to him, but it was obviously not a safe neighborhood for him to be in, blah blee bloo," than would actually kick someone's ass for being black. And you can fucking bet that the actual attackers would be saying, "He should have known not to come into our neighborhood," but is zie just not counting them as people?

Because they are.

Saying that people like that are not people, that they are somehow not real human beings, is letting them off the hook. They are human beings and we ought to hold them to the standard we have for decent human behavior; writing them off as less than human cuts them slack.

And the alternative is that Grace honestly believes that there are people who will kick a black kid's ass for being black but that they themselves will not try to justify it afterwards. Or that zie believes there's nobody in the world (or the country, or something) who will kick someone's ass for being black. Either of which is bullshit.

Hell yes there are people who would justify that shit and say he brought it on himself. And it is bullshit if you think there aren't. There are Nazis living in my neighborhood and you don't think anybody would say he brought it on himself? Fuck you.


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