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It's not just for breakfast anymore.

You can "understand where they're coming from" all you'd like, but that doesn't make anti-women's-ownership-of-own-uteruses activists' signs reading "ABORTION KILLS CHILDREN" any more accurate. You see, thanks to SCIENCE, we know that abortion does not, in fact, kill children.

Abortion terminates pregnancies.

If it can be said to kill anything at all, one could say abortion kills embryos and fetuses. But embryos and fetuses are not children, the reason being, children have been born.
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Dear President Obama and the rest of the Democratic Party,

How many fucking times do I have to tell you? Seriously. Can I own my uterus yet? No? How about now?

You can blather on about the status quo and how this shit doesn't change anything all you want; it won't make it true.

In case any of you are interested, this shit is exactly why I didn't vote for President Obama in 2008, as I have explained on several occasions. Mr. President, you have always talked out of both sides of your mouth when it came to my ownership of my uterus, and I had the sneaking suspicion that this indicated you might throw me and the rest of the female 52% of the country under the goddamn bus at the earliest opportunity. And guess what you did?

Now, I know there are people who think, every time you do something douchey and I say "I told you so, should have voted for Clinton", that I am gloating. I am not. I really, really wish I had been wrong. You know, not as much as I wish I were in the trouser leg of Time where Clinton actually won, but you not being a women-under-the-bus-throwing douche would get the job done.

And the rest of you! Jesus H. tapdancing Christ on a purple glitter pogo stick! What the fuck is this shit, are you still claiming to be the party on the left because if you are I am seriously interested to hear your explanation for the existence of this many fucking people in your party who are against abortion. You assholes are fucking moderates shading into conservative, and you fucking know it. Stop running right! Some of us are broke as shit over here and it's going to save you a fuckload of money to pay for my birth control and any abortions I might need than to feed my unwanted children! In fact, it would wind up helping the country make more money in the long run if you would make sure I and people like me had things like health care, decent education, and somewhere to sleep at night, but of course we can't think in the long run, can we, the corporations would complain because it might affect their bottom line for the quarter. And of course the Republicans would start shrieking about socialism OH WAIT.

God damn. I am so tired of this shit. Listen, you poorly organized collection of yahoos, wake up, yank your heads out of your collective asses and realize that the "them" you are protecting your (white, male) constituents from make up the bulk of your constituency, or I and my values will continue to fucking vote for someone else.

Go ahead, tell me I need to vote for you or the Republicans will get Roe overturned. You know you want to. I fucking dare you.

With exactly as much respect as you deserve,
Wolf A. Woman, Slytherin
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Dear Democratic Party,

Fuck you too.

I would say you can have my reproductive rights when you pry them from my cold, dead fingers except that the reason my and many other women's fingers will be cold and dead may indeed be that you pried our reproductive rights from them.

I'll say it again: fuck you. It cannot be said enough.

No, absolutely no, love,
Wolf A. Woman, Slytherin

Dear Catholic church,

Get the hell out of politics or start paying taxes.

Wolf A. Woman, Slytherin
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Dear Gov. Huckabee,


No, you're wrong that no one thinks abortion is awesome. I do. I think it's wonderful. I think it's necessary, and it's an important set of medical procedures that we desperately need. I think it's just as cool as every technological advance in heart surgery, brain surgery, cancer treatment. I think it's excellent that we can do it, and liberate women from the tyranny of biology so that we can control our own fertility and determine what happens to our bodies. It is an essential human right for women to be able to determine whether and when to have children. Especially when pregnancy and childbirth are so very dangerous, and especially when the leading cause of death among pregnant women is homicide committed by a male romantic partner or former partner; but even in the future, when I hope most of these dangers will be eliminated, we will still need abortion. Women must be able to determine our own biological destinies in order to be truly free.

No, it doesn't matter when a fetus develops a heartbeat. (I'm actually pretty sure the "21 days" figure is pro-life propaganda bullshit with no scientific basis, but for the sake of argument, we'll run with it.) If you had the faintest fucking clue what the hell you were talking about, you'd know most women don't even know they're pregnant at 21 days. The average cycle is 28 days; pregnancy is counted from the beginning of the last menstrual period, not the date of conception; and if a woman isn't planning to get pregnant, she's most likely not going to think to use a pregnancy test until she misses her period (and even wanted pregnancies don't always show up on the early tests). At 21 days, a woman with an unwanted pregnancy lives in blissful ignorance of the bullshit she's about to be put through. And no, it's not okay for you to smile smugly and announce that she should have thought of that before she opened her legs, the little slut; in fact, it makes you an asshole.

No, having an abortion is not like saying to one's aging father, "You've become too much of a burden, so we're having you killed." It is like refusing to donate an organ to a stranger. "But it's your kid," nothing. If a fetus is a person1, it's not anybody I know.

No, having an abortion is not like slavery. No, it's not about whether I own the human being2 inside my uterus or not. It's about whether I own my uterus, and therefore have the moral right to deny access to it to anyone at any time for any reason. Which I do.

No, pro-women's-ownership-of-own-goddamn-uteruses activists have not "failed to see through" the issue of whether a fetus is a human being "to its logical conclusion". It doesn't matter if a fetus is a human being. I don't care. It's my uterus. My husband can't have it, the state can't have it, the church sure as hell can't have it. As with any other part of my body, I will decide what to do with it, who is allowed contact with it, and what kind of contact is okay.

As with any other part of my body, "I don't want to" is reason enough; "don't touch me" is its own argument. "Get it the hell out of me" is a moral imperative because I, and I alone, am authorized to decide who or what is or is not allowed in my own personal uterus at any given time. The only time someone else is qualified to make this decision is if I am unconscious, my life is in danger, and a decision has to be made quickly to keep me alive.

And on an unrelated note, congratulations on your weight regain. I hope it will propel you down the path to fat acceptance and that you can eventually be happy with your body and its genetically determined shape and size. I hope also that it was the lap-band weight loss surgery that you had3, and not the part where they actually remove much of the stomach, so you can eventually have it reversed and absorb all the nutrients you need to be healthy.

No love,
Wolf A. Woman (Slytherin)

P.S. - Jon Stewart, I think you and I are growing apart. It was good while it lasted, but possibly having to listen to two dudes discuss abortion and the morality of passing restrictions on women's bodies was the last straw; neither of you have any right to talk, and you for one ought to know it. Please stick to discussing issues you have a prayer of understanding, and let women's voices be heard on the issues we actually live. I will give you one more chance, but if you pull this shit again, I'm going to have to break up with The Daily Show for good.

1. I have no reason to believe a fetus is a person, legally or morally; if a fetus were a person, they would be counted in the population, and in infant mortality rates, and we would celebrate conception days and not birthdays. Fetuses would need names as soon as pregnancy was discovered, so the government paperwork could be filled out. People would be able to claim their fetuses as dependents and take tax deductions for them. People would be citizens of wherever they were conceived, and not where they were born. But it actually doesn't matter; even another human being has no right to commandeer any part of my body for hir own personal use, especially without my permission.
2. Again, I don't actually believe a fetus is a human being, but since it doesn't actually matter, I may as well use the anti-women's-ownership-of-own-goddamn-uteruses activists' terminology; my argument is still sound.
3. I am fairly sure Gov. Huckabee had WLS, as opposed to "just" dieting. I could be wrong, however.
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I have a weak stomach, and have almost failed anatomy courses because of it. But this--I'm thinking, maybe I can/should overcome that, maybe I can/should go to medical school and become an abortion provider, maybe I can/should open up a late-term abortion clinic, because there are too few, too few of them already before Dr. Tiller's life was taken, because someone needs to step into the gap. Because I can't stop thinking--how many more lives will end, because someone did this in the name of "life".

Realistically I know I couldn't do it. I can't even dissect a sheep's heart. And I know that's not the only consideration--I know these terrorists are winning, slowly and steadily, because doctors are afraid. But if you're a doctor, or want to be, and you are or can become qualified to perform these procedures, and you think you might be brave enough, you have my support.

Rest in peace, Dr. Tiller. We miss you, and we thank you for the service you gave us. Sleep well, now, knowing you were, are, always will be a hero, in the truest sense of the word.
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There is an Essure ad in this month's issue of Glamour.

Glamour, in case you have somehow managed to avoid this knowledge, is a women's magazine femininity propaganda publication sort of in the mold of Cosmopolitan, in that its primary concerns seem to be the promotion of women's self-pornification, het dating, and articles about how to modify dudesex so that the woman involved enjoys the experience. I've been reading the thing since I was about eighteen years old, and can say with a reasonable degree of certainty that its target audience is single women in their 20s and 30s. I would even venture to say they're writing for women with no children, generally speaking, in part because this issue has a section with some recipes in it and they are all single-serving,1 although it seems like these magazines occasionally acknowledge that some single women have kids.

I have never seen an advertisement for sterilization in one of these magazines before. Admittedly, I haven't been reading the things, because they promote women's self-pornification and dudesex and are usually pretty heteronormative and generally offensive, and because I haven't given a shit until recently about the beauty industry. Picked it up again today because of my recent realization that I have to practice more femininity to succeed in my job hunt, which is a rant all its own,2 and these things usually have hair and makeup information that I think I will find useful over the coming months.

But so anyway. It seems like a step forward, to me, that there's an ad for Essure in a magazine whose target audience is young, single women. Fifteen years ago it was almost impossible for a single woman, or a young woman, or a woman with no children to find a doctor willing to sterilize her. Even now, if you're two or more of those things, a lot of doctors will give you a bunch of shit about how you don't know your own mind.3 But this ad, to my mind, is a sign of society's progress toward acknowledging that some young, single women don't want to have kids, and aren't going to change their minds. And that can only be a good thing for the struggle for women's ownership of our own goddamn uteruses.

Meanwhile, Plan First--the Michigan state plan I have that covers my birth control and pap smears--claims to cover "some" sterilizations. I go in for my physical on the first, and I'm going to talk to my doctor about finding out if I'm eligible for that, because if I am, I might as well do it before I'm on some other form of insurance that will make me pay for part (or all) of it out of my pocket. Following which, any time anyone asks me when Nigel and I are going to "start a family", I'll be able to tell them with perfect sincerity that I can't get pregnant, and hopefully that will shut them up.

1. And let me just say that I am in favor of the promotion of the idea that single women consider themselves worth cooking for. This is not to say that anyone should cook when she doesn't feel like cooking, or that there's anything wrong with eating a bowl of cereal for dinner over your sink if that's all the energy you have. But I know people thought it was a little weird, when I was single, that sometimes I would cook myself a full meal and set out a placemat with the nice dishes and do something pretty with the presentation on my plate. I want single women to believe that they deserve that sometimes, and to feel that they are worth that effort even if nobody is there to see it but them.
2. Stay tuned for that post. I'm sure I'll make it within the next couple of weeks.
3. I myself anticipate having to provide Nigel's written permission when I eventually get sterilized.
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Link, since I'm told this embedding stuff doesn't work on JournalFen.

Y'all, this made me cry. It made me fucking cry.
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The phrase "family planning".

And maybe this is just me, but it is how I feel. When I think about birth control, abortion and sterilization, I don't think about it in terms of my family. I think about it in terms of my body, my life, and what is and is not allowed to happen to them on my watch. (For those of you playing along at home, "my watch" is defined as the span of time from when I reached self-awareness as a child until the moment I die.) Maybe it's because I don't want kids; maybe it's because I've never thought of birth control in terms of someday going off it--well, I have, but only if I manage to afford tubal sterilization at some point. (Which really is the better deal, in the long run. I've probably got about 20 years of periods left in me, give or take five years or so. Say I get my Patch from Planned Parenthood and pay thirty bucks a month, that's close to $8000. Even if I have insurance and pay a $15 copay, which was what I had when I was on my dad's insurance, that's still $4k. I pay for Essure out of pocket, it comes in less than that. Even cheaper if my insurance covers it--although I do have to pay for the insurance, but I'd be on it anyway if I can get it.) And so "family planning" is not an accurate term for me, because I ain't planning any family. I'm sure it is accurate for others, but it's--oh, let's see here.rant continues within )
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The phrase "the health of the mother". Isn't it the health of the patient we're talking about? In many cases the patient isn't a mother yet; calling her one implies either or both of the following:

A) that the fetus is the actual patient
B) that the patient is already a mother, because the fetus is a living person


By the way, it's been a few months since an anonymouse asked me to explain what feminism means to me. I'm planning to make that post tomorrow. Stay tuned.
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Dear Senator Obama,

My family does not own my uterus. My doctor does not own my uterus. My pastor--if I had one--would not own my uterus. I own it. It's mine.

Who else doesn't own my uterus? A fetus. Any fetus, ever. Even embryos do not own my uterus. I understand this is difficult for you to grasp; a fetus is after all a potential life, and there are American voters--some of them who might even vote for you--who think that as a potential life a fetus has a right to move into my body and not be evicted. I however am not a potential life. I am an actual life, a real living human being, a woman. No one and nothing is allowed to take up residence in my body without my consent. This is kind of like how you can't show up at an apartment, summarily move in, and demand the property owner let you stay there as long as you would like. It is also kind of like how you can't demand someone lend you their kidney for nine months. I, as a sovereign human being, have the right to deny access to any part of my body at any time. I also have, as a sovereign human being, the right to make that decision on my own, regardless of what my family, doctor, and pastor think.

You have conceded that I ought to have some control over my body and myself. I understand you may be surprised by this but I will not thank you for your sentiments. I don't need your permission to own any part of myself any part of the time. If I needed your or anyone's permission, it would not be my control I was under.

In fact, I have the right to exclusive control over my body and myself. Again, this may be a difficult concept for you--I am, after all, only a woman.

Inherent in this right is the right to terminate any pregnancy at any time for any reason. My reasons or lack thereof are my own, "I just don't want to" is always a good enough reason, and if you say otherwise that means you believe you know better than I do what I should be doing with my own body. It sure sounds like that's what you believe. If you do not believe you know better than I do what I should be doing with my own body, I invite you to come out and say so--somewhere where people can hear you. Stand up, say you believe every woman has the right to do with her own uterus whatever she pleases. It wouldn't be difficult to say. Just a few words.

I know you won't do it, Senator Obama. And that's why you'll never get my vote.

Wolf A. Woman, Slytherin


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