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I should have known when I posted this that I would find two in my part almost immediately.

This is probably good. In two more years I am going to have at least another foot of hair, and for me that translates into at least 200g more dyestuff. It will save me time and money to do it this way.

I have enough henna right now to do my roots three or four more times, which is about the amount of time I'll need to get the indigo situation figured out, and figure out what I'll tell people when they inevitably ask why I'm not red anymore.

I am not entirely sure it won't just be, "I found a gray hair, and I want to go gray naturally." I think I may have to leave the "OMG I'M SO EXCITED! YAY A SPARKLIE!" only for those who will get it.

Only you guys and the people at LHC will get the slightly more in-depth explanation that I really want to try the sebum-only method of hair care, which involves not getting my hair wet, not putting anything in it and preening the oils from my scalp down the hair shaft probably twice a day. This is not something I can do if I keep hennaing, obviously because I have to rinse the henna out somehow and because henna is "putting something in my hair", and less obviously because the sebum can inhibit dye uptake.

Anyway, I have to do my roots tomorrow, so I'll clarify today, and then on Monday or Tuesday I'll do a Snowymoon's Moisture Treatment (one part aloe vera, one part honey, four parts cheap 'cone-free conditioner, heated in the microwave for 5 seconds and left on for at least an hour). SMT leaves my hair almost as soft and shiny as sebum does. And then this will become my new routine when I do my roots, and when it comes time to indigo I will clarify, henna my roots, indigo my whole length, then SMT, and that will be the last thing I put in my hair unless and until it seems that SO doesn't work for me.

Meanwhile I need to find some kind of container where I can keep my shed hair for strand testing.
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So here is the plan: as soon as I turn 30 or find a gray hair, whichever comes first, I am going to strand test like a fiend, then indigo (actually probably indigo/cassia) over my henna to go back to brown, and just let nature take its course from there.


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