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Good morning, friends, and happy Friday the 13th!

It's the last Friday before the spring semester. Well, technically they call it the winter semester--whatever, I don't even, it doesn't matter. It ends in spring, and I like spring better, so I think of it as spring.

I have a number of strategies in place to ensure this semester goes better than last semester. I am going to email my dad my syllabi and all my homework assignments and I'm going to talk to him every night before I go to bed. That way someone is there for me to be accountable to and I won't have the leeway to bullshit.

I've got the debit card for my new bank account. It's sitting in my wallet and I hope not to have to use it until I actually move out, but my paychecks are going into its checking account so there's money there if I need it. When I get my financial aid refund this semester that will go into savings.

Nigel is being a jackass about his plans to grow medical marijuana for money. He seems to think we are going to use our tax refund as a down payment on a house where he can set up a grow room. He is mistaken. I am perfectly happy to put it in a savings account and play along with whatever house hunting he wants to do, because there is no way we'll find something he's happy with in our price range by the time I'm ready to leave. Then when we get divorced I will take my half of the money in that joint account and he can suck my entire ass.

The dent from my wedding ring is almost gone, and I have stopped reaching over to adjust the ring. Meanwhile not wearing it has begun affording me opportunities to practice being hit on, which is fun. I'm not stupid enough to cheat but it's nice to get attention.

Nigel, meanwhile, may in fact be stupid enough to cheat. Last weekend he made a mix CD for someone at his work, but he wouldn't tell me who or why or what was on it and when he played it to make sure it had burned correctly he plugged his headphones into the CD player. When I, in completely casual I'm-just-making-conversation tones, inquired as to why he was making it, he got extremely defensive.

Which is hilarious.

As of tomorrow it will be eleven months since we had sex.

In not-my-fucked-up-marriage news, I have been doing some cooking. The other day I made chocolate ganache for hot chocolate purposes and today I'm going to make a chocolate pound cake to drizzle some of it over. I've also been doing things with the crock pot that result in deliciousness with very little effort.

I'm going to spend my time and energy on schoolwork and taking care of myself and Chromie to the exclusion of dealing with Nigel's bullshit and in order to make the time pass quickly so that I'll be graduating and moving out before I know it. I'm going to get my 4.0 back, get/keep myself and my dog healthy and happy, rehabilitate my wardrobe so that I have things to wear that I like that actually fit me, and "get organized" (read: subtly pack all my shit so I can move out while Nigel is at work when the time comes).

I really really hope someone buys Mom's house soon. The real estate market in Florida is not great but if it sells I can just move out basically right then and not have to wait until I finish my degree.

Meanwhile I have some vacation and personal time at work that I need to take by the end of the month or it goes away. Basically it's about nine and a half hours of free money, so I'm going to stick that in the book and receive a paycheck while sitting at home on my ass doing schoolwork. Fun times.
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I got my financial aid refund, finally. (It had been returned by the post office because, apparently, at some point over the summer, the college knocked the second digit off my apartment number in their computer system.) That went into the new bank account as well.

I now have over $1300 in savings and my paychecks going directly to the new checking account. If I can make the household expenses work without dipping into it, I'll have at least $2600 in the checking account by the time I'm ready to leave, unless Mom's house sells before I get my associate's and I move out early, in which case I'll have more money than that anyway, from the estate.

If Mom's house doesn't sell by then, I'll just transfer most of that money into the savings account where it can draw interest, since I'll be moving in with Dad and won't have to pay any major bills for a while. Need-based financial aid will cover most of my expenses while I'm working on my bachelor's.

Although what I will probably do in that case is close the account and open a new one at the credit union Dad uses, since it's not very practical to have to drive the two and a half or three hours down here if I ever need to do any business at the branch.

Meanwhile, I made a huge batch of chili the other day, and Nigel is now passive-aggressively asking me if I'm going to "blame" him when I finish eating it. I can't tell if he actually doesn't get that when I "blame" him for my not having any food, it's because he's eaten all my food, or if he's just fucking with me. Either way, he's a jackass.


Dec. 18th, 2011 03:21 am
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Tonight at work I submitted the form to switch my direct deposit to my new bank account.


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