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Managed to sleep until 7:30 this morning. I did wake up earlier but I rolled over and went back to sleep. Possibly because there was another person in the bed—Mike gets up so early for work that I think maybe my subconscious has decided that if I'm not the only one there it must not be late enough to get up.

Lightbulb moment: The reason I always seem to have a second wind and perk back up after we go out for a drink is the different effect depressants (and stimulants) have on my ADHD brain.

So: yesterday.

The ferry captain, or whoever was responsible for the announcements when we were embarking, said that there was no standing while the boat was in motion, but he was obviously mistaken because none of us had any trouble standing up to take pictures.

We did a little shopping and we girls picked up some cute little dresses for tonight's pub crawl. I had not packed anything cleavagey so that was a thing that had to be remedied. We hauled our sorry carcasses up the ramp to Fort Mackinac just in time for a rifle demonstration and to interview two of the three army interpreter guys. There are usually more of them around, but yesterday was some kind of orientation day for the new employees and the three we saw were the only ones who had been there before. One of them was on his fourth year and got to be a sergeant; the other two were on years two and three and were privates. We watched them fire the Fort's cannon. They were much better at projecting their voices than the military interpreters at Fort Michilimackinac.

We wandered around for a bit and took pictures of the exhibits in the buildings. I was most interested in the enormous difference between the lifestyles in the barracks and the officers' quarters. They have the upstairs rooms set up as children's rooms (in the officers' houses) but I have to think one of those would have been a servant's room. I would think a family of that social class would have at least had a maid of all work who would have done the cooking and cleaning, helped care for the children, and served as a lady's maid. An officer's wife would not have been mending her own skirts or putting up her own hair.

We climbed to the top of Fort Holmes, which was not as strenuous as Castle Rock but took significantly longer. On the way we saw Skull Cave, where Alexander Henry hid after he escaped from the NDNs during Pontiac's War. We took a bunch of pictures and then trudged over to Arch Rock, and I got a decent picture of that. It looks the same as it did when I was here with my Girl Scout troop except there are more safety rails.

We went back to the Fort and the kind people at the gate let us back in so we were able to interview the third interpreter. Then we had lunch and spent most of the rest of the afternoon shopping. We did go to the, I want to say, Stuart House Museum and check that out. I intend to go back there today to get a better look at some of the exhibits for my commemoration project; there is a theater quality interpretation of a Victorian dress that I intend to tear (figuratively) to shreds.

Today's agenda:
- old-timey pictures with the 5 Musketeers
- possible carriage tour or taxi to British Landing
- pub crawl

- take notes for commemoration project
- complete full-timer interview
- not get too pissed

view of Skull Cave from road on Mackinac Island

view from top of Fort Holmes on Mackinac Island; Fort Mackinac flag visible above trees

view of Mackinac Island beach through Arch Rock

night view of Mackinac Bridge with lights


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