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The bakery here in Mackinaw City is open. I told the girls that if I was up super early again I would bring them coffee and donuts, so I've texted Molly to get her and Cheryl's drink orders. They are probably not up yet; I'll just sit here and wait, and if I don't hear from them by the time the donuts are up, I'll bring back four mochas.

I've picked up a copy of the Fort Michilimackinac Pageant Gazette for the 2012 season. The Heritage Village has an ad and it turns out they're only open on weekends so we could not have made it over there. I did realize we forgot to go to the lighthouse, literally across the street from our hotel—derp.

I should interview one of the bakery employees. I keep meaning to ask but I am much shyer about that kind of thing without Cheryl and Molly being obnoxious right along with me.

It turns out Cheryl is Jordan's mom, from Concentus. I just don't even know what to do with that information—hey, Jordan, why didn't you tell me your mom is awesome? She is so much like my mom it's almost terrifying. It's probably not something I should be wishing on Jordan and his brother(s) but I hope she can leave her husband when she finishes her degree. Excise this paragraph for turn-in; Ray doesn't care.

Add to yesterday's lessons: - Fudge should be stored at room temperature, not refrigerated, and will not melt below 150° F.

Add to interview questions for island: Where can I get donuts in the morning? I will totally take up a collection and bring everybody some donuts again. And/or let me remember to get a coffee order from the Five Musketeers for Thursday and Friday mornings. We will need it after Thursday's pub crawl.

Saw a historical farm house on the way over here and grabbed a couple shots of that. Gorgeous little yellow house with white trim. I would love to live up here. I really have to find out if there is no barber on the island because it can't support it or if there just isn't anyone doing it. I could go to cosmetology school. I'm good at cutting Nigel's hair and I don't completely butcher my own. G-d, you'd have to charge exorbitant prices to make a profit up here, though, I bet, with the rent, and you'd have to keep it under the price of a ferry ticket and a haircut on the mainland. I think I just answered my own question.

6:45 now. These girls have fifteen minutes to get me their coffee orders or they will get mochas and like it. If they're not happy they can get the damn coffee next time.

They're awake. Oh—that's right, Molly doesn't drink coffee. Must make sure Cheryl's creamer is non-dairy as she is lactose intolerant.

I guess when I feel comfortable with people I can be the cruise director like my mom. (Love you, Mom.)

Not for turn-in: Last night I had a dream about Nuada. It seems like I was running into him on the way to school or work every day, and he and I had a civil acquaintance, and he would tell me about how he judged all the humans around him based on how they treated the natural world, and in particular he would talk to the animals in the area and see how they felt about any given individual. One day he told me he talked to a bunch of animals about me, and I had, like, helped all these animals out with problems I had seen them having—

—no, wait. No, he had held out his hand toward me and gotten a telepathic reading off me and seen me helping out a bunch of animals. And i could hear, while he was in my mind, what the animals were saying, and they had all been thanking me. Then he had said that since I had helped these animals he would allow me to keep the glasses that help me see. (Something about the permissibility of human artifice and technology depending on its purpose, it all made sense in the dream.) So I thanked him the same way the animals had thanked me, and he knew I meant because he saw my kind as basically as far below him as animals, but I knew he didn't think of me that way, or he let me know, or something. Ugh, can I just, this fucking character, I can't. The affection I could feel from him, the respect. Good dream.

9:00 ferry
11:15 Fort Mackinac

complete both interviews
get a cross stitch kit
find cute boys to flirt with

ext. view Historic Village Farm Haus from Mackinaw City sidewalk

view of stone and iron freighter John G. Munson from Star Line ferry deck

approaching Mackinac Island with view of the Grand Hotel and Fort Mackinac


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