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Today's Agenda:
- morning — Mill Creek
- afternoon — Fort Michilimackinac; city historical archives

- interview one of the archaeology students at the Fort
- look for War of 1812 public history for paper

We attempted to interview one of the interpreters at the Fort but someone else in the group had already claimed him. He did tell us a lot of cool stuff about the life of a voyageur—basically the long haul truckers of their day.

Saw a lot of really cool artifacts. Talked to another interpreter about cooking in period. Did not make it over to the dig site but they were pretty well roped off; did not want to disturb their work.

Mill Creek was very interesting. The level of engineering required to build and run the mill was very impressive. The guy who built it wasn't coming up with all that himself, though, he was copying the European mills he already knew how to build.

Found it amusing that the little introductory video claimed Clark "threatened to attack" Fort Michilimackinac, a blatant falsehood that could only have been intended to make Patrick Sinclair sound tougher than he really was.

When they dumb things down for little kids at these places, they make them much less interesting. It's a much better story when you know Sinclair had no military experience and had no idea what he was doing, and that (unlike what the guide said) he started moving the fort to the island before he had permission.

Today's lessons:
- O'Reilly's makes an excellent porterhouse.
- The red fox is simply one of three color patterns possible in the species.
- A chipmunk with a tail is actually a ground squirrel.
- People in Mackinaw City are incredibly friendly. They will send their dogs to play with strangers and reopen their stores to sell you a pair of swim trunks.
- German chocolate fudge with fresh caramel is the most delicious thing that has ever existed or will ever exist.

We have found no War of 1812 public history so far. :(

some of the machinery at Mill Creek's sawmill in action

a friendly ground squirrel (tail not pictured)

period cooking ingredients and kitchen paraphernalia on a table in a reconstructed row house at Fort Michilimackinac
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