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This is the first of my journal entries from my history class trip to Mackinaw City, Mackinac Island, and St. Ignace. I will be backdating them to the dates and times they were actually written and posting them "from" my locations at the time. I will include links where available, as well as my photographs from the trip. There may be times when a photograph I have would be relevant but will not be posted because it comes from someone else's camera or depicts people other than myself whose permission I don't have to post photos of them on the internet. If I mention taking a picture and then don't post it, it's because I didn't like the way it turned out. The posts here will include content that will be excised from the version I intend to turn in for class credit due to its personal and/or fannish nature and/or irrelevance to the course.

I didn't get it together to write a journal entry last night so I'm doing one now.

I hadn't been across the bridge in about twenty-eight years (and certainly not so I'd remember) so I was unaware that in the middle you can see through it. Snapped a couple pictures o fthat so I can prove I actually (voluntarily) looked to those at home who know how I feel about heights. Surprisingly not terrifying; I think a combination of being in a vehicle I felt (relatively) safe in, on a bridge that I knew was sturdy, and (perhaps most significantly) with no objects between the bridge and the lake surface to provide a sense of scale for estimating distance allowed me to forget how high up I actually was.

The Mystery Spot was about what I expected. I thought the structure would be, I guess, a bit nicer, a bit more, I suppose, classy looking, with paint and so on. Found it slightly amusing how many people are willing to believe a supernatural explanation when a scientific one is available. Quite obvious that the building's situation on a hill and the skewed angles of its construction produce an optical illusion to confuse one's perception of equilibrium. The trick with the two cement blocks was clearly accomplished through the power of suggestion; the two women's relative heights remained constant regardless of where they stood, but once you ask a group of people to tell you who is taller, when they have signed up to pretend there is something spooky going on, they will choose to believe there is a change in height from one block to the other.

Castle Rock was a trial. I asked Cheryl to get a picture of me in front of Paul Bunyan to put in my album next to the one when I was small. I'm glad we did that before we climbed the thing. No heart attacks, no injuries. We both made it to the top—barely. The trick, like carrying my groceries up the three flights of stairs to my apartment, is not to stop on the way. The stairs at Castle Rock, though, are angled badly, too wide or too deep or not deep enough or something so that each next step is not where you expect it to be and you wind up working much harder than you would on a normal staircase. We determined, however, that it would be poor business practice to shut down the attraction for several days in the middle of the season to redo the stairs unless they were actually broken.

I received an "I Climbed Castle Rock" sticker in the gift shop and have pasted it into the little Marilyn Monroe notebook I purchased for the trip.

Cheryl, Molly, Kasey, Sam(?) and I spent a few pleasant hours wandering around the cheesy tourist shops here in Mackinaw City in search of pajamas and a swimsuit (which I so wisely forgot to pack—I went to the Math/Science Center, can you tell?) as well as some things for our pets and possibly some tacky souvenirs. I think somebody bought a shot glass. I intend to get one on the island for [profile] aprilmayinjune, who collects them. We enjoyed fish and chips at Scalawags—well, I say "we", I had a chicken sandwich, not being a fish person. It was delicious. Went for a drink at one of the pubs. I think it must have been the Dixie Saloon based on its proximity to O'Reilly's. I'm not entirely sure the bartender did more than wave a bottle of cola vaguely in the direction of my glass of rum.

We then spent most of the rest of the evening in the hot tub, which caused my nail polish to peel off basically whole. I didn't pack any polish and don't intend to buy any to use unless I happen to run into a place that carries Seche Vite or Poshé; vacation is no time to be sitting around for three hours waiting for one's polish to cure enough to touch anything. There is one other student (whose name I don't know) who mentioned that she did pack her polish, and I may ask her what kind of top coat she has and whether I can borrow it.

Woke this morning at 4:30 and could not get back to sleep. I decided to nip across the street and get some pictures of the sunrise over the lake just to the east of the island. I got a few decent shots of that and of the iron boat that was passing, as well as of the Canada geese with their goslings, who were feeding on the shore by the lighthouse. I had to take a different route back when they came between me and the sidewalk and the adults started glaring at me. As a result I saw a rabbit hopping through Alexander Henry Park and got a few pictures of it.

view through the Mackinac Bridge to the straits below

slythwolf with statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox

predawn sky over the Mackinac Bridge

ironboat passing through the Straits of Mackinac

sunrise over Mackinac Island

Canada geese and goslings feeding in the grass near the Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse
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