Mar. 13th, 2012 11:53 am
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It's possible I have basically abandoned LJ for Tumblr. I can't help it, it's just so instant gratification!

Anyway, what has the Wolf been doing over the past month and a half? Let me explain. No, there is too much; let me sum up.

I got into the octet so now I'm enrolled in two choir classes both of which my ass is gonna get As in. I am at least going to pass all my other classes. My weight training class ends next week but I intend to keep going and working out.

I read the Hunger Games trilogy and it was incredible. I have a mockingjay pin which I now wear everywhere, and [profile] aprilmayinjune and I are going to see the first movie on IMAX next Friday. The midnight showing was sold out, but as a relative newcomer to the fandom, I don't begrudge that to the die-hards. I'll make it happen next time.

Next month, Dad and I are driving down to Nashville to spend a few days with my sister. During this time we'll be going through stuff of my mom's that she has at her house, and she and I will be going and getting tattoos for Mom together, although not the same one. Next summer, we, as well as one or two of Mom's cousins and possibly some of her friends, are taking her ashes on a cruise to Alaska and scattering them on Mt. McKinley.

I'm gonna take a full-time schedule for summer semester, including Special Topics in History: Michigan and the War of 1812 which is taking a five-day trip up to Mackinaw/c in June. I'll also be taking human anatomy for my science class with a lab, even though I fucking hate anatomy, because I think it will be relevant to my anthropology plans. In order to facilitate kicking the summer semester's ass I will be putting in my notice at work in May. After the summer semester I'll either be able to graduate or I'll be able to take what few credits I'll still need online from my dad's house, so I will be moving in with him probably in August. Then when I have my associate's I'll be transferring to Central Michigan University and commuting from Dad's to Mt. Pleasant, and hopefully I'll be able to find a roommate or otherwise afford an apartment by my second year there so I can move closer to campus. I have about $2k in my secret bank account, which I don't want to use until I absolutely have to.

After that, I'm strongly considering Western for my master's, but also MSU and U of M, and I'm willing to branch out all over the country depending on programs and funding. I'm also considering getting two master's degrees, one in archaeology and one in linguistics. If I could swing it I'd really love to do the taught programme in archaeological research at one of the UK schools I was looking at (gut says it was in London but I don't fully remember), but that would be less necessary if I could get into a field school during one or two of my summers.

Ideally my PhD will happen at the University of Sheffield. They have a ridiculously extensive and awesome archaeology program.
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