Oct. 20th, 2019

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Because my ass is too lazy to be explaining them all the time and I am sick and fucking tired of sending people to the userinfo. These are the rules of this space which is mine and you will abide by them or you will get the fuck out:

Wolfie's (Original) Rules
1. This is my journal. I run it. That means it's my space, so you will respect my rules even if you don't like or agree with them. If you're not okay with that, nobody is forcing you to be in my space. In the words of an old friend of mine from many years ago, if you don't like it, GTFO.
2. When I say something about rape, I'm not looking for debate. You are not going to change my mind about what I think is and is not rape. This goes for what I think is and is not misogyny as well, and for what I think is and is not oppression, and you know what, basically if I make a statement (not a question) in an entry and your comment is intended to convince me why I am wrong about it, you need to reevaluate why you're here. Back to rule #1: my space, my thoughts, my message. You want to bloviate about why something isn't really rape or whatever, do it on your own damn journal.
3. If you and I are fandom friends, don't assume that makes us feminism friends. I may like and respect you but it doesn't mean I agree with you or even that I should. One of the concessions I make for my own survival under the patriarchy is that I'm friends with a lot of people I consider at least passively misogynist. This may or may not include you, but if you really really disagree with radical feminist theory, and/or if you consider yourself "sex positive" (which is a bullshit term on the level of "pro-life"), it's a pretty safe bet that it does. So if I tell you you don't get it, back off. I don't want to start having to defriend people but I will do it to protect my space.
4. I have been reading Twisty Faster for nearly a year now. I agree with damn near everything she says. If you don't understand why I would say some particular thing, you ought to go read Twisty for a couple of months and see if you get it then.
5. All of which is to say, no concern trolling. In fact, why not go whole hog, no trolling full stop.
6. There is no Rule 6.
7. The Wolf reserves the right to make up rules on the spot. This goes back to rule #1, too--my space, what I say goes. If I tell you to stop doing something, stop doing it.

The Additional Rules That Came Along Later
- Anonymous comments violating Rule #2 in such a way that demonstrates offensive levels of misogyny, regardless of the stated gender of the anonymous commenter (because here at the Wolfcave we recognize that women can and do internalize misogyny at offensive levels), will be summarily deleted. The Wolf reserves the final say on what does and does not count as an offensive level of misogyny.
- Calling me (or anyone) "crazy" is explicitly ableist and discriminatory against people with mental illnesses, and is therefore self-evidently unacceptable.
- You're goddamn right I'm stifling dissent. I am not the U.S. government. I am under no obligation to allow you freedom of speech.
- If you don't like it you can get your own motherfucking blog, asshole!
- Commenting anonymously is a privilege, not a right. I will revoke it if you (in the plural) are big enough assholes. Give me a reason, I swear to god, I am this close to disallowing anonymous comments already. Anonymous comments are not allowed. I have been burned by the shit in the past and you will suck it up.
- THIS IS NOT THE FEMINISM 101 BLOG. Do not ask me Feminism 101 shit. Do your own motherfucking research. I am neither your professor, your library nor your search engine.



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